Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust
Co-Directors: Jen Miller, Sophie Dia Pegrum
Cinematographer: Sophie Dia Pegrum

This documentary film introduces the critically-endangered Skyrian Horse of Skyros Island in Greece and the people who are trying to save them.  Sadly, this national treasure with an incredible history and unique relationship with the islanders faces immense obstacles to secure survival.  These horses have gone to battle for humanity and now their fate lies in our hands.

Of Gods and Kings was an official selection at the Equus Film Festival in Chicago, and premiered in Greece as part of an inaugural Festival of the Skyrian Horse. 


Horsefly Films understands the implication of allowing the Skyros Horse to disappear, which is why "Of Gods and Kings" is the first in its Rare Equine Breed Series of half hour documentaries presenting thoroughly researched, historically accurate, visually compelling and eminently quotable films arguing in defense of saving the world's endangered breeds. One cannot learn the story of the Skyros Horse without agreeing with Horsefly's producers that history, and we as its curators, owe a debt to the horses of Hercules: “These horses, which should be celebrated as a Greek National Treasure, are an integral part of who we are and who we become. The debt to history remains.” It's time we turn our faces, if not to the sun, than certainly to this film. (L.A. Pomeroy, - Equinista/Journalist)