Sophie is a British American film director and documentary cinematographer who has produced and shot films in the Antarctic, at the North Pole and in the Himalayas. Her documentary films include "77 Below" and experimental "Come to the Edge", shot on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica and featuring artist Lita Albuquerque.   The award winning "Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom" was shot on the border with Tibet in the high Himalaya.  As a writer/director, Sophie's debut narrative feature film "Dogstar", was a tragic love story between an otherworldly recluse and a misfit junkie and was billed as a rustic Colorado update of O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi.  Critics described it as "pleasingly sensuous" and a "well-crafted, winsome fairy tale". 

Director of Photography Reel

Sophie also co-directed and lensed the upcoming documentary "Daughters of the Curved Moon" shot in remote villages in West Nepal and has also shot another upcoming doc directed by Stephen Fisher, entitled "Elders Speak" on the Paiute Shoshone in the Owen's Valley.   She is currently in post production on a documentary on the maverick and youthful horsemen of Kyrgyzstan and working on a story about The Camarillo family of California and the legacy of their rare White Horses.  She is also directing a film about the Transgender community in Kathmandu. Additionally, the trans-media project Caravan Field Songs and Stories is also in development. 

Sophie co-owns and runs Horsefly Films, a production company based in Los Angeles.  As well as promotional films for world class equine clientele worldwide, Horsefly Films are producing a series of documentaries focussed on rare horses and vanishing equine cultures.   Their award winning films "Path to Glory", "Tarpan", "Of Gods and Kings" and "Talking to the Air" are available at

Sophie has shot and produced work for commercials, documentaries, films and NGO promotions as well as experimental art pieces. Please contact her directly for enquiries regarding the artistic and professional development, shooting or production of your cinematic project.