Written and directed by Sophie Dia Pegrum
Cinematographer: Jaime Reynoso, AMC

Deserting the idea that films needed budgets, Dogstar was made in renegade spirit.  Shot on a shoestring with a crew of highly creative and dedicated people the film received positive critical attention.  Reminiscent of O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, Dogstar’s tragic love story features the archetypal protagonist, Dogstar, a reclusive artist and star obsessed astronomer. Dogstar was screened in the Laemmle’s Independent Feature Festival, the Los Angeles Methodfest and given honorable mention in the Seattle Independent Film Festival. 

“There is a lilting grace to this low-budget indie from Zero Pictures, a company known for producing hip, lurid movies on a shoestring -- no, make that an aglet -- budget. Director Sophie Pegrum makes a pleasingly sensuous debut with this tale of a reclusive artist and his junkie girlfriend, billed as a sort of rustic Colorado update of O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi.  Pegrum has a good eye for sensuous detail (from goldfish to camels), and the minor-key underpinnings of the score are woven nicely throughout. It's good work, especially considering that it was made for about the cost of a Ford Escort. “
Gregory Weinkoff – New Times

“This well-crafted, winsome fairy tale by British writer-director Sophie Pegrum shot on 16mm in the enchanted forests of Colorado, thoroughly belies both its first-feature status and its reportedly microscopic budget of $10,000. Much of the conventional story telling is sacrificed in favor of a weird, otherworldly quality reminiscent of director Alison MacLean, or Jane Campion.  Definitely a new voice in danger of slipping beneath everyone's radar. “
Paul Cullum – LA Weekly

“We’re grading on the curve here, for this entry in Laemmle’s indie series was made on not so much as a shoestring, but more of a frayed thread: $10,000.  Still, first-time writer-director Sophie Pegrum has done remarkably well, getting far more than her money’s worth in style and skill onto the screen, abetted by Jaime Reynoso’s photography, amazing for the price. 
Charles Britton – RAVE Magazine