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"An extraordinary young woman takes us on a journey to her village in Western Nepal.  Whilst sharing inspiring stories of women, she struggles to bring her community forward, challenging the traditional Hindu customs that bind the lives of her villagers. An intimate and beautiful portrait of a remote mountain culture."

Produced by Miranda Morton Yap of Shakti Pictures
Co-Directors: Miranda Morton Yap, Sophie Dia Pegrum.  Cinematographer: Sophie Dia Pegrum. 

"Woman Who Moved Mountains"

Nepali Times,4044

"Red Carpet Revelry"

Kilgore News Herald,118848

“Come see the movie. I'm not exaggerating. I was absolutely shocked at just the utter acceptance of it.”

Longview Journal Texas

“The film from Nepal isn’t about the Yeti”

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“Watch Out Gail Gadot: Nisha Budha is the New Wonder Woman”

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“Women Fuel This Years San Antonio Film Festival”

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“Challenging Tradition in the Remote Himalaya”

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“Lead Assistant Character and Inspiration in One Young Woman”

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“Blindingly Truthful Account of Women’s Lives in Jumla”

“What do Women Want?”

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