Film shot, written and directed by Sophie Dia Pegrum

Film shot and directed by Sophie Dia Pegrum

“A beautifully shot journey through the installation of a magnificent and transforming piece of art in the Antarctic”

Shot in the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent on earth, this film follows artist Lita Albuquerque on her quest to create a star map alignment monument on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.   "77 Below" exists of one of the rare documents of this unprecedented event, as well as an intimate portrait of an artist at work.

Film Shot, Directed, Edited by Sophie Dia Pegrum.

"This story of the Polish Arabian horse is a direct reflection of the history of Poland itself, an inspirational and incredibly moving tale of indomitable courage and ardent devotion."

Shot, Directed and Edited by Sophie Dia Pegrum

“Legend comes to life in the inspiring and informative story of the Skyrian horse, putting man's relationship with all equines into powerful and poignant perspective...I too felt part of the Skyrian horse while watching this beautiful and important film.” 

Shot & Produced by Sophie Dia Pegrum

"TARPAN: Repainting An Ancient Picture, is the second in Horsefly Film's Rare Equine Trust Cinematic Library series of intelligent, exceptionally photographed and detailed films, narrated by James Herron, that introduce us to rare equine breeds and the often vanishing cultures around them."