Selected projects as director and documentary cinematographer.

A one hour version of “Daughters of the Curved Moon” screens on Arté in Europe spring 2019
entitled “Nepal: The Voices of Women”. We are incredibly happy that this film is getting broadcast.
For all the incredible women who inspired the making of this documentary, we thank you!

DAUGHTERS OF THE CURVED MOON (feature documentary)

"Daughters of the Curved Moon" is a documentary shot in the western Himalayan.  Through a journey home to a remote village with a charismatic young woman, the film exposes the traditional role of women and invites us to celebrate Nisha's inspiring break with the bonds of tradition.  > MORE


A young man struggles to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors traditional nomadic life with little more than a hut, his new wife and his treasured horse, an animal the Kyrgyz consider to be “the wings of man”.  Brutality and beauty are the backdrop for this simple mountain life, where the search for identity sharpens in the face of modernization and materialism.  > MORE

"Come to the Edge" just won Best Documentary Short at the Fine Arts Film Festival in Venice, California and is an official selection at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto. The film is in an experimental synthesis of music, audio and NASA archival footage celebrating our unique human quest to find our place amongst the stars. The film was produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a National Science Foundation Artist and Writers project in Antarctica and coincide with the re-release of documentary "77 Below".  > MORE


Award winning. The latest contribution by Horsefly Films to equestrian film culture, "Talking to the Air", takes us not only to the top of the world but blows the tops of our heads off once we get there, drawing us into a land beyond time  and the medieval culture of Mustang in Nepal along the border of China. >MORE


Proposed project to gather the stories, field reports, songs and funeral laments from the mountains of Nepal to the Central Asian Steppe into a trans-media project comprising recordings, short films, photographs and short essays.  >MORE

BY THE HORNS - (upcoming documentary)

Producer: Candacy Taylor
Cinematographer: Sophie Dia Pegrum.

Excerpts from an upcoming documentary "By The Horns".  As one of only three woman matadors in the world, Lupita Lopez took the Santa Maria Bullring in La Gloria, Texas by storm winning the top trophy in this bloodless bullfight for her superb action in the ring with the San Mateo bulls of Don Fred Renk.  

In this fight, the Matador must finish by plucking the flower from the shoulder of the bull.  More on Candacy Taylor here: